About Us


Our Chapter is part of a larger entity. We share the same mission and vision as larger entities with the exception, we localize our resources, support and services.

Definition of Autism:
A complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life.

Local Annual Fundraisers:
We have two local annual fundraisers–Chads Open for Autism (in the Fall)and Piece the Puzzle Walk for Autism (in the Spring).

Local Publicity:
The AZ Daily Star has written pieces on our local fundraisers.
People connecting together to defeat autism and develop autism awareness.

Invite New Board Members:
We are an all-volunteer organization looking for qualified individuals to serve on our board. If interested in applying to become a board member, send email.

Award Winning Website:
We have won the Silver Award 2007-2008 from the American Association of Webmasters.