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Purpose of the Group
Online Group Discussion for autism families & friends to share ideas, current events, ask questions, & post anything relating to autism. You may reach out to others in the local autism community using this forum.

Who can join?
Anyone with an interest in autism. Primarily the events are local to the Tucson area, but anyone from anywhere is welcome to join.

What is a Google Group?
Learn more about what a Google Group is by taking a tour and discovering how you can meet other people online who also have an interest in autism.

Discuss Online Or Over Email
From within the group, you can reply to a message that someone else posted, or post a message or question of your own. You can choose whether you want to read and post messages online, or to just use your current email account to read and respond.

Ask About The Google Group
To ask a question about the Google Group, please send email and we will answer your question(s).

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