Disclaimer: Information displayed off this website is not endorsed by ASA-PCC. It serves as information resources only. We encourage all families to research the best options for their loved one with autism.

Autism Resource Guide [PDF]
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ASA-PCC Newsletter [PDF]
ASA-PCC publishes a newsletter enabling the community to learn of new services, events, and support groups in the area.

Autism Source
National ASA has a compiled a comprehensive searchable nationwide database of autism-related services and supports by location or service type. Autism Source enables the autism community to find local resources, providers, services, and support.

General Information on Autism
Building Your Future [English] | Informacion General Sobre El Autismo [EspaƱol]

The Autism Internet Modules are a growing set of free online learning modules designed to provide comprehensive information to assist those working and living with individuals with ASD as they work to increase their knowledge and skill.

Autism Websites
A categorical list of autism and related websites. Due to the fluidic nature of the web, some sites may be obsolete.

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